Police Headquarters
Elandsgracht 117 1016 TT Amsterdam, Netherlands

January, 2002
Security in Azure: I cover the two security cameras at the front gate of the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in light blue rhinestones.

February 28, 2002. Meeting with US Embassy in Holland.
I invite representatives from the US Embassy Public Affairs Department to my studio and propose Star Spangled and Secured, a project to ornament all exterior surveillance cameras on the embassy and consulate in Red, White and Blue rhinestones. The idea was rejected with the statement: “it’s a real hoot, but there is no way you can touch American Security.”

Between February 28th- March 19th. The Attempted Proposal at Headquarters.
I biked to Police Headquarters on Elandsgracht to propose Rhinestoning Headquarters. I was told: “We do not work with artists.”

I invented System Azure, Security Ornamentation. It was under this ‘corporate/design’ pretext that I had my first meeting at the Police department.

March 19th, 2002. Meeting at Police Headquarters.
My first presentation of Patrolled In Prussian was with B, head of Public Relations in the Police Department. He was interested in the idea and invited me to the opening of the new Police Holding Cell in Amsterdam.

March 27th, 2002. Visit to the Police Holding Cell.

April 5, 2002. Meeting with T of SKOR.
I emailed T from SKOR, a Dutch public art organization, about my proposal for the Police. He visited my studio and suggested I contact P of Zwolle’s Police Station where T had been recently working on a public art project. I sent P the proposal and he forwarded the project description to RT, Facility Manager of all Police Stations in Holland.

May 15th, 2002. Meeting with K at Police Headquarters.
B passed me to K, Chief of Project Management as well as the Chief Bureau of Facilities. K teaches me the meaning of police colors: Red (full of love), White (Integrity), Green (Justice), Blue (Strictness).

May 22, 2002. Meeting with K at Police Headquarters.
I present K and B with samples of rhinestone patterns for police cameras utilizing solid police colors: Red, White, Blue, Green. K says he wants Stripes.
I send new images. The cameras have stripes now; they look like flags.

June 7, 2002. Meeting with K at James Wattstraat Police Station.
K received the final proposal and he and the board have agreed to go ahead with the Headquarters Project, beginning with two cameras. (Since my proposed cameras were box-like and the real cameras are cylindrical, K said: “we could not really imagine what they would look like. Its better you start with two.”)
I am to make a budget for 2 cameras.

June 10, 2002. Pilot Project budget sent to Headquarters.

June 12, 2002. K approves budget.
Stoning of the Cameras will begin once rhinestones arrive from New York.

July 8, 2002. Phone call with K.
K calls me (from Spain) to say he is away and to call his peer G who was at the meeting about setting up a Stoning Date.

July 25/26, 2002. Pilot Project: First 2 Cameras are Rhinestoned.
PL drove me in van with a ladder to Headquarters. I wore my rhinestone tool belt that I made for the occasion. We enter the back gate of the police station, and begin to set up. We remove the lids of the cameras; I cover them with the jewels inside the building. I am visible from the lower window.
The following day I climb the ladder to the exterior police security cameras. I fix the jeweled lids that I had finished yesterday on cameras. I then stone the rest of the cameras’ body from on top the ladder, on the façade of the police building.

August 16, 2002. Request by Headquarters for Pilot Project 2.
K asks for second set cameras to be done at Police Station. He said there was “not enough public response from the first two cameras” to judge if the first project was successful.

August 22, 2002. Bill for Pilot Project 1 sent to Headquarters.

First bill sent to Police for Pilot Project 1.

September 12/13, 2002. Pilot Project 2 installed at Headquarters.
I ornament the camera under the overhang by the front entrance of the station and the camera on the front façade at the corner of Marnixstraat and Elandsgracht.

September 25, 2002. Meeting with K at James Waatstraat Police Station.
We discuss the final stages of Rhinestoning Headquarters, Beursstraat Station in conjunction with World-Information.org show, and my ideas on the Loose Camera Signiturization Process.

September 27, 2002. A Change of Heart…
By email, I am told: The Board of Police decided to discontinue Security Ornamentation process, saying, “We are trying to keep a low profile on the cameras.”
I request a meeting with the Board. It is denied. I try again.

September 30, 2002. The Final Answer.
I am told via email that “it’s a pity, but I have to accept” that its over.

December 2003.
I print posters to Bring Back the Glam.

October 2003.
Metropolis Magazine based in New York prints an article on System Azure and the Police Project.

During this period I continue meeting with my contact S. He is a consultant for the Police and considered an expert on CCTV.

I do a presentation on System Azure for the DSP, an organization in Amsterdam that works with cities having economic or social difficulties. The organization is government-funded.
Employees at the DSP used to work for the Amsterdam Police Department; they are helpful to my research. I learn that not all the police districts work together and thus there is a way for me to continue this project.

May 19, 2003.
Meeting at Beurstraat Police Station, Red Light District, Amsterdam.
Meeting with R, Police Officer in charge of the proposed Red Light Cameras. His project involves the installation of 26 police CCTV cameras to go up in the Red Light District.
I propose Red Ornamentation, Full of Love, for the 26 new cameras. I have designed a poster and written a press initiative. He is very positive.
Email and Phone meetings have occurred during the summer.

Fall, 2003.
R is removed from the Camera Project.
I am told to contact Mrs. Anne Lize E.C. van der Stoel, the government official now overseeing this project among others.
After many emails via her secretary I am told Red Ornamentation Full of Love cannot be funded.

May 13, 2004
The city is postered with the remaining Bring Back The Glam posters in response to the new 26 cameras’ installment in my neighborhood.